Faith & Football: Court rules high school coach can’t pray on field

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BREMERTON, WA -- Football and faith have shared the same locker room for a long, long time.

From NFL to college, teams have almost always prayed before and after games. And when a player hits that end zone, many times their finger just automatically flies in the air.

So when a Washington State high school coach took a knee and prayed silently, it was nothing out of the norm. Until coach Joe Kennedy was suspended - by the school district.

According to the U.S, 9th circuit court of appeals, that 50-yard line post prayer was in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution.

The court went on to say Kennedy acted as a "public employee" and not a "private citizen." In other words, Kennedy has a ton of influence and praying isn't ideal in front of kids and parents.

But to be fair, it wasn't like Coach K was out there giving a sermon. He simply took a knee and 30 seconds later, he was done.

Kennedy and his lawyers have not decided whether they will appeal the decision.

But it almost makes you wonder, what is acceptable on the field?

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