Facebook accused of trying to implement ‘eye-detecting’ software

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MENLO PARK, CA — Technology strikes again, and this time Facebook is the culprit!

The social media giant is being accused of trying to develop an eye tracking software that could detect eye movement and emotion, which makes sense since they’ve acquired at least two patents for software of this type.

However, Facebook has denied building such a device, but in a 229-page written statement to Congress, they say if this were the case it could help “reduce consumer friction and add security,” and that they would take privacy into consideration.

Perhaps this should be their main concern since the company is currently in the middle of several lawsuits regarding just that — privacy.

Just last week they released a statement saying that a “bug” switched about 14 million users’ sharing settings to public.

Although we’re not sure exactly what Facebook is doing these days, one major online company that will be tracking you soon is Amazon. The web retailer is selling its facial recognition system to the government. So now people of interest can potentially be watched in real time by various departments of law enforcement.

The American Civil Liberties Union, better known as ACLU, has started a petition to boot Amazon out of the surveillance business because they say it is threat to our civil rights. As of now, Amazon’s plan is still in motion despite the growing petition.

So keep you’re eyes wide open. Better yet, maybe you should keep’em closed!

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