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FORT WORTH – This week’s Chew on This is more of a ‘sip’ on this – that is – if you’re 21 or over. We’re talking whiskey, particularly whiskey that’s made right here in the lone star state. Firestone and Robertson Distilling Co., the creator of TX Whiskey, is bringing Whiskey Ranch to Fort Worth.

“An ah-ha moment when we were in the process of building the company and kind of putting all the pieces together was the fact that Texas is the second largest consuming state of whiskey in the country, but very little of it was made here,” Troy Robertson told Newsfix. “Our new facility Whiskey Ranch was four and a half years in the making. We spent a lot of time designing our facilities around educating consumers about Whiskey and just make it be an immersive experience that touches all the senses.”

From the endless barrels leading to the bar, to the store, to the event space. There’s even a speak-easy style dining room with a secret entrance. But what’s most important is where all the magic happens, the distillery itself.

“I think people don’t realize what it takes to make a great whiskey,” Leonard Firestone said. “It’s a little bit of art, it’s a little bit of science, it’s time, of course. What we’ve built here I think we’ll be able to share every step of that process.”

Now Whiskey Ranch isn’t open to the public until 2018, but cheers knowing there’s a place to tour, learn about, and drink whiskey – coming soon in Cowtown.