Eye in the Sky: FAA Drone Rules May Ground Amazon Plan

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WASHINGTON, DC  -- The Federal Aviation Administration is clearing the air, proposing new rules that would relax restrictions on commercial drones.

So, what does that mean?

In order to fly one of these bad boys, you'll need to be at least 17, pass an aeronautics test and register with the Transportation Safety Administration.

But that doesn't mean you're free to fly about the country. The new rules would keep drones below 500 feet and they can't leave your line of sight.

“From what I see right now, it's absolutely common sense,” says Craig Thompson, President of Global Video HQ in Lewisville. “Those of us in the community are excited about these new rules. We want a chance for the good guys to separate themselves from those who don't take precautions out there.”

Thompson has a serious stake in the proposed drone dos and don'ts. He makes his living off the craft.

“(Drones) are able to give the engineers we work with views that they have never seen before.”

Guess who else might not be on board? Amazon. Remember when the company said it wanted to start deliveries by drones? The new rules would ground that idea.

Amazon isn't giving up, though. It released a statement that reads in part,

"We are committed to realizing our vision for Prime Air and are prepared to deploy where we have the regulatory support we need."

~Paul Misener, Amazon's Executive Vice-President for Global Public Policy

Looks like these drone rules don't necessarily fly with everyone.

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