Waco, TX (FOX 44) – Coming out of an excessive heat warning into an advisory for tonight is taking a toll on vehicles.

With these high temperatures, many cars are starting to have problems.

Mechanics are having to fix belt loops and radiators on overheated vehicles and Thomas Whelchel, service advisor for Jesse Britt’s Automotive says the rubber material can melt damaging your car.

“With the belts and the hoses will deteriorate with the extreme heat that we have here during the summer. They don’t last as long,” said Whelchel.

Whelchel, has been with Jesse Britt’s automotive group for four years.

He says this is a hot summer for business and for customers wanting to stay cool.

“We see quite a few more vehicles coming in with overheating issues or with AC issues, and both of those can be related to each other.” said Whelchel. “If you have a vehicle whose AC stops, it could be related to a cooling issue with the engine or the radiator.”

For people hitting the road, AAA is seeing overheated cars as well, some breaking down on the side of the road.

“The top three summer time roadside emergencies in AAA Texas are for dead batteries, engine trouble and flat tires,” said Joshua Zuber, AAA Texas senior public affairs specialist.

Whelchel says these parts, especially overheated batteries potentially corroding car wires, can now cost more to fix.

“The inflation that’s hit, the repairs are between 30 to 50% higher now than they were two years ago,” said Whelchel. “We’re still seeing a steady increase in the cost of [the] part, and part availability is also starting to become an issue.”

The best thing for car owners wanting to save their vehicle from the heat is to regularly get it checked.

“Make sure that you’re going to a facility that is not only changing your oil but looking at your belts, hoses, and all the other fluids,” said Whelchel. “Keeping those changed out on a regular basis will help you maintain the vehicle and keep you from being left on the side of the road.”

Additional advice Whelcher gives for anyone wanting to cool your car down fast is to drop your windows to let the hot air escape and let cool air flow.

If you need to know when to get parts on your car checked you can also grab the owners manual in your car to find when it might be time to get a car part replaced.