ISIS Did It! Terror Group Claims Brussels Bombings

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – At least 30 people have been killed in three explosions in Brussels, Belgium, according to Belgian media.

Ten people were killed and 100 were injured at the airport; and 20 were killed and 130 were injured at the metro subway station.

The terror threat level in Belgium has been raised to four, its highest level, which means authorities can deploy the army onto the streets to meet security needs.

Facebook has activated its Safety Check feature, which prompts people in the area to mark themselves “safe.” They can also mark other friends, “Safe,” “Unsafe,” or “Not in the area.” These notifications will appear as notifications in other Facebook friends’ News Feeds.

The subway station blast occurred in the suburb of Maalbeek, near the European quarter, where much of the European Union is based, according to CNN affiliate RTL. All metro stations in the city have been closed, according to the official Twitter account for the city’s transportation agency.

It’s unclear what caused the blasts or if they’re related to terrorism, but raids are happening in the Brussels as police search for suspects.



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