Ex-Cowboys player accused of stabbing his wife to death

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PARK CITY, UT — A former Dallas Cowboys player is accused of viciously killing his wife.

Cops in Utah have charged Anthony McClanahan with first-degree murder after they found his wife dead inside a Park City hotel bed. Keri McClanahan  was repeatedly stabbed in the throat.

The same day her body was discovered, a video of McClanahan speaking from a hospital bed about concussions was posted to YouTube. It’s unclear when the video was recorded.

“I feel like I’m dying every second of everyday I play that damn sport,” McClanahan is heard saying. “Tackle football is the devil.”

His arrest comes one month after police in Arizona say he kidnapped his 8-year-old son, who he fathered with another woman. The boy was returned to his mom just weeks before McClanahan allegedly snapped and killed his wife. It’s unclear what may have set him off, but from the looks of the 19-minute YouTube video, we can almost best his attorney is working on a CTE defense.

“I know a lot of my football buddies don’t want to tell you what they have going on. I can’t keep it a secret anymore,” he said in the video.

McClanahan briefly called Texas home when he was signed and quickly cut from the Cowboys back in 1993. He went on to play four seasons in the Canadian Football League.

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