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Eww! Hot Dog Buns Found Stored in Sonic Bathroom

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BATHROOM BUNS: Not the buns you expect to see in a Topeka, Kansas Sonic's bathroom. A customer snapped this pic May 27, 2015
(Courtesy: Facebook)
TOPEKA, KS — This may flush your fast food cravings right down the toilet. A Sonic Drive-In customer in Kansas snapped a picture of workers storing hot dog buns in the restroom — just inches away from the freakin’ toilet! Yeah, not the type of buns you expect to see in there. “Welcome to the bathroom in Sonic,” Josh Benteman wrote in a  Facebook post on May 27. “I don’t think I will be eating there anytime soon.” Heck, we don’t blame him. Gross! According to KSNT, health inspectors immediately checked out the place the next day. By then, only the right buns were in the restroom and the company was not cited. Sonic’s released the following statement:
“An employee made an error by storing the bread racks in the restroom for 30 minutes. Upon realizing the error, the manager immediately removed the bread from the location and all bread was discarded
Hey, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen fast food workers behaving badly. Remember the Taco Bell worker caught licking a stack of shells? Or how about the Wendy’s worker with his mouth on the Frosty machine?  Yuck.

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