Ethan Couch’s Father Found Guilty, Gets Probation

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NORTH RICHLAND HILLS — Another member of the Couch family has found himself inside a courtroom.

Fred Couch, the father of affluenza teen Ethan Couch, was found guilty of impersonating a police officer in North Richland Hills.

The incident stems back to 2014 when Couch told police who were responding to a disturbance call he had witnessed that he was a Lakeside reserve officer. Couch even had a badge.

The guilty sentence means Couch will have to serve a year of probation. If he violates the terms, he’ll have to spend 120 days in jail.

Tonya Couch, Ethan’s mother and Fred’s ex-wife, is still awaiting trial for helping Ethan flee the country and for money laundering.

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