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DALLAS – Weddings. A time when love is in the air, nuptials are exchanged, and more than likely – a couple spends tens of thousands of dollars on one day?! That’s one of the very reasons people choose to elope.

“The average wedding in Dallas costs about $26,000 dollars,” Jennifer Allen told Newsfix. Allen is the owner of Just Elope Dallas. “The amount of money you spend on your wedding day and your commitment to your spouse don’t have anything to do with each other.”

And Just Elope Dallas is here to save couples from the wedding chaos.

“We take care of the space, the photography, if you want to add on a small cake, we have our own make-up artist on staff,” Allen said. “We literally take all the guesswork out. You just show up.”

And the location, no matter how quirky, is up to you. Newsfix was there when one couple chose to say their “I dos,” or should we say “I-brews,” at White Rock Coffee for their vow renewal ceremony.

“We’ve been married 11 years, together 13 years,” groom Joshua Jules said. “We love coffee, we love small quaint places. We spent our time going to small coffee shops when we were dating. So, we thought this was a good way to just remember those times before we got married.”

“We actually had a big wedding at one point,” bride Krista Jules said. “We really didn’t get to enjoy our wedding day like we wanted to. It was very fast, it was very crowded.”

So, which is better?

“I would do this in a heartbeat. This is so much more better,” the couple told Newsfix.

If you’re interested in taking the leap, Just Elope Dallas is giving away two free elopements.

“All you have to do is follow us on Instagram at Just Elope Dallas; DM us your love story,” Allen said. “We will select a winner on February 1, which is our one year anniversary to us launching. You can also do the same thing on Facebook at Just Elope Dallas.”

Whether you want to save money, or time, or just do something outside of the box – make sure you choose what will make you happy!