Erratic Driver, Crash Caught on Camera

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FAYETTE COUNTY, Pa. — Kevin Denney and Kaecieo Bass were riding along Pennsylvania’s Route 21, minding their own business in their work truck, when they noticed a car in front of them driving erratically, swerving back and forth across several lanes. After watching the woman drive a few more miles, they knew what was probably coming at some point if she didn’t stop.

While Denney continued driving, Bass pulled out his phone and started recording. Just in time. “Yo, that was crazy. They were all over the road, man,” Denney said early on in the adventure.

“She was swerving in and out. She would go off the road and she would come back out, then she would go back into the other lane. It kind of scared us a little bit,” Bass said later.

Over the next few minutes, the pair watched others driving defensively to avoid the female driver — one truck in particular that had to hug the opposite side of its lane to avoid the woman. Denney can be heard in the video, describing what he sees. “She did come close as hell to that truck. She’s still swerving all over the road, though,” he says.

“Slow down a little bit. I don’t want to be involved in an accident,” Bass tells Denney as they follow.

What they didn’t consider was that they could (and would) become part of the woman driver’s dangerous situation.

After cautioning Denney about speed and distance, Bass started trying to save everyone else. “I started actually praying for her — and everybody else on the road — and making sure; praying, hoping everyone would be okay,” he said.

There was time for one final prayer from Bass. “Oh, Lord. Please put a hedge of protection around that car, Father God.”

And then what they knew was going to happen… happened. And it happened to them head on.

The woman turned in front of an oncoming car and smack. Not only did the oncoming car hit the woman, it came crashing right into… you guessed it, Denney and Bass.

The phone camera was still recording and captured the crash.” Noooo! Ahhh! [smack!] I knew it was coming!” Denney says just after impact.

Denney and Bass were fine, but drivers of the other cars, both female, had to be taken to area hospitals for treatment.

“I knew she was going to get hit when she cut that car off. It just happened so quickly,” Denney said later, back at work where his truck sat waiting for a little body work.

So what was that crazy-driving woman doing??

“She was just sitting there with her phone in her hand, so I don’t know if she was texting or if she grabbed it after it all happened,” Denney said.

Police have not released that information; an investigation is underway with no word yet if the woman will face any charges.

So why post online a scary crash video like this?

“I want people to watch it and learn from it so it doesn’t happen again,” Denney said.

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