Endometriosis: Googlechondriac Learns about Symptoms and Treatments

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The list of endometriosis symptoms is pretty long: painful periods, chronic pelvic pain and even painful intercourse.

Google those symptoms and endometriosis will pop up on your computer screen.

Dr. John Dulemba of Forest Park Medical Center in Frisco said the condition is very common.

“Endometriosis is glandular cells that get where they don’t belong on the inside of a woman’s abdomen; it gets on the uterus, the tubes, the ovaries.”

According to the Endometriosis Foundation of America endometriosis is one of the top causes of female infertility.

It’s the least treated yet very treatable but amazingly many women go for years before being diagnosed.

“These patients think that having pain is normal so by the time they see a doctor and also a doctor looks at the symptoms as being abnormal,” Dr. Dulemba said. β€œNine years and five doctors have usually transpired and this study was done by the NIH several years ago.”

Dr. Dulemba said you can treat endometriosis with contraception based hormone treatments or pain medications but minimally invasive robotic surgery is usually the best option.

When Dr. Dulemba said minimally invasive, he means it.

“We’re talking about small,” Dr. Dulema said. β€œThe instruments are anywhere from 8 millimeters and an inch is 25 millimeters so we’re talking about very small instruments.”

Dr. Dulemba said robotic surgery and its 3-D technology allows him to see more endometriosis–which is a good thing.

“So when you see endometriosis you actually have a better chance of cutting it out so that you remove all of the endometriosis and their symptoms may improve,” Dr. Dulemba said.

Studies show that the younger you are the more likely endometriosis will come back.

But first you have to be diagnosed–and then there is hope.

“It is such a gratifying feeling when a woman comes back in and her life has been non-functional and she can’t interact with her family with her friends or her job and all of the sudden they come in and they go, you changed my life, I can now be a woman again,” Dr. Dulemba said. β€œIt’s extremely gratifying.”

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