Empty Nest: Hunger and Money a Problem in the US?

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UNITED STATES – It’s not the prettiest story to start the week with, but sometimes you have to hear the ugly truth.
We’re talking about hunger in America, especially for military families. A study from Feeding America says about 25% of them are struggling to keep food on the table. That’s 620 households — and counting.

Now you wouldn’t think that’d be the case for the spouses and kids of those who serve this great nation – but it is. And here’s another number that’ll make your stomach turn: The study says one in seven people nationwide need a food bank just to get by.

“It’s not a once or twice a year situation, it is actually chronic hungry relief,” say Jan Pruitt. Pruitt is the President and CEO of the North Texas Food Bank. “They’re having to come every month, to make it through the month.”

And from the land of the hungry to the land of the broke, it seems Americans are having just as much of a struggle keeping money in their pockets as food in the pantry. Reports from Bankrate.com say a third of people have nothing saved up for retirement.

Like nada, zilch.

The only plus? 32% of folks who are 30-49 years started to stash away dollars as early as their 20’s. But it’s still a pretty low amount.

Geez, hungry and poor? Come on, America – we’ve got to get it together.

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