Emergency responders can live stream cameras at all Frisco schools

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FRISCO-- Columbine.

Virginia Tech.

Sandy Hook.

Santa Fe.

All it takes is a mention and parents all around the country hold their children a little tighter.

While the thoughts of a school shooting always seem to be in the back our minds, the Frisco School Independent District is already a step ahead.

"I don`t think anyone can ever guarantee safety," says Doug Zambiasi. He's the Chief Operations Officer at Frisco ISD.

"Right now we have over 4,000 cameras in the district," he says.

The district's SAFER Program allows the police and fire departments to watch any of their school cameras live, anytime.

"We have the ability to pull up the incident that`s taking place inside the school and offer feed back, and information to those who are responding to give them a view or a visual, as to what is taking place, before they ever get there," Jake Leeper, Frisco Fire Battalion Chief says.

The district is taking another view of safety, also.

"We have added crisis counselors to our high schools now, we had four, this school year we will have ten," says Zambiasi.

They want to be proactive.

"We can begin to work with kids earlier who are showing issues or problems, or symptoms, and help get over those at an earlier age. Maybe the kind of things that are happening at high schools won`t happen as much because we will be working with kids more often and in a different way than we have in the past." says Zambiasi.


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