Elementary school in The Colony holds CPR training close to the heart

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THE COLONY -- Fifth graders in The Colony got the chance to learn all the power that lies in their hands today during CPR training.

"Every one of these students will be equipped to help in the community; whether it's somebody at home, somebody at the grocery store, somebody at school, wherever they are,[or] at the playground. If there's ever an issue, they have now had the training to be able to help save somebody's life," Leanne Schneider from Reliant said.

It may seem like your everyday student assembly, but this type of training is near and dear to the heart of staff members at Morningside Elementary. About a year ago, things got real as one teacher completely flat lined in her classroom. It happened in ironic timing.

"I had never had to use CPR before. We had just done our AED drill ten minutes prior and it was just a fluke that myself and the P.E. Coach were the first two at the AED drill. So we were doing it on the dummy and then 10 minutes later we were doing it on Ms. Byerly," Assistant Principal Holly Shelton said.

It's the kind of incident that leaves an impact on the entire school.

"I re-think about it often, actually. Every year when i get my CPR certification, I tear up in there now," Shelton said. "It's very odd to be in this situation and have people come and interview you about it and to talk about it, because you just did what you had to do. And when students come up and thank you, when her family thanks you it puts you in a different position. I'm happy that we were there," she continued.

There were 3 fifth graders in the room when the incident happened. Now, these students have the skills to step in if it ever happens again.

"I am very confident that even if i don`t do it correctly, it's still better than nothing," fifth grade student Celeste Lashua said.


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