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NORTH TEXAS — While most of us were watching states turn red or blue on election night, plenty of folks were watching to see which states turned green.

“It was a marijuana election night for us,” said Shaun McAlister, executive director of legalization activist group DFW NORML.  “We were watching both the presidential and local elections turn out, as well as what states changed their marijuana laws.”

And those folks weren’t disappointed.  Four of the five states that had marijuana on the ballot voted to legalize it.  California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine voted yes, with only Arizona harshing the vibe.

“Last night was easily the most significant night in marijuana law reform, ever,” said McAlister.  “We showed the country that the American people are ready to reform marijuana laws in a big way.”

Yeah, it brings the total to eight states where it’ll be legal for adults to blaze it, and that’s just recreationally.

Florida, North Dakota, and Arkansas all voted to legalize medical marijuana, which makes 28 states to allow doctors to recommend pot to patients.

Now, those patients – and recreational tokers alike – will have to wait and see just how groovy things get in the next few years.

The federal government will soon be under new management, and while they could look at voters’ decisions yesterday and decide to turn the whole country green by repealing the national ban on weed. They could also shut the whole party down by deciding to start enforcing the ban even in states without local laws against it.

But for now, it seems like high times are ahead.