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DALLAS — The same-sex marriage ruling is expected to come down any day now. That means folks of the same gender might be able to officially say, “I do!”

While there’s been plenty of backlash, this ruling could change one couple’s life.

“You’re 85, not 84. Ahh, what’s one year,” laughed George Harris and Jack Evans.

You might remember Harris and Evans’ commitment ceremony last year. They’ve been together more than 50 years, and if the court says they can make it official, they will.

“We’re ready to go.  We’ve waited a long time for it. A long time,” Harris said.  “We have had so many of our friends that went out-of-state to marry, and we decided that we’re Texans, and we wanted to be married in the State of Texas. So, we’re going to wait it out and hope that we’d live long enough.  So it looks like, hopefully, we will.”

“Our plans are to go down to the Records Building if the ruling is favorable and get our license, And we have chosen a judge who said that she would marry us.  We hope that there’s not any hitches, so we’re holding our breath,” Evans explained.

Evans recalled seeing same-sex couples being arrested and taken to jail during his younger days.  They say they have seen things come a long way in Texas.

“I went into the military, and at any time was subject to dishonorable discharge because I had lied on the application. It asked if you were homosexual.  After military service, we still were under that cloud. Every event that required spouses, I would find a lesbian. The only problem was, at the next event, I had to find the same lesbian.”

They want to be legally married.

“The real test is going to come Thanksgiving when we go to my family’s for the holiday. We’ll see if we get a good piece of chicken or the bone,” Evans laughed.