You’ve Got Mail! Elderly Man Gets $24,000 AOL Dial-Up Bill

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LOS ANGELES - Sometimes it pays to stay up on the latest tech trends because when it comes to computers, ignorance is expensive. That's what one 83-year-old man in California had to learn the hard way from a $24,000 phone bill.

And it wasn't for roaming charges on a cell phone. This tab was rung up using an AOL dial-up subscription.

Yes, you read that right. THE AOL. More than two million households still use the communication tool of yesteryear.

When the man complained to AT&T, they told him he was SOL and ordered him to pay up. The man reached out to an LA Times reporter. Once the reporter started investigating the bill, AT&T's tune changed.

A rep explained that the man's modem accidentally started dialing long distance whenever he used AOL which led to the outrageous charges. AT&T reset the modem to a local number and plans to drop all charges associated with the mistake.

Hey, a cheap ending is a happy one. Just another story to LOL with his grandkids about.

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