El Centro Shows Where Gunman Ran, Barricaded Himself

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DALLAS–There’s still a lot of cleaning up to do inside El Centro College.

That’s where cops caught up with the guy who opened fire on them nearly two weeks ago.

On Tuesday, El Centro opened the building to let us see where it all happened.

Here’s where the gunman shot his way into the building.

I don’t think he had any initial plans to enter El Centro, but I don’t think he expected the response that he got, so he had to adjust on the run” Joseph Hannigan, El Centro police chief, said.

It’s a ten-foot run to the stairwell, where Micah Johnson ran up to the second-floor library, where he kept shooting at officers.

He eventually barricaded himself and cops made contact with him.

Hannigan says that’s when he heard about the plan to send in a robot with a bomb.

“I think it was brilliant,” he said. “There was no other way this was going to come to a conclusion.”

That part of the second floor is pretty torn up. It’ll be shut off for a while.

The rest of El Centro is expected to get back to normal by Thursday.

“The idea is to make sure that our students and that our employees are, understandably under the situation as comfortable as we can make them,” El Centro President Dr. Jose Adames said.

It’ll probably take a while for everyone to feel at home, knowing just what went down there.

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