EF0 Tornado Rips Through The Colony

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THE COLONY, Texas — When it comes to Spring Break, there are a number of possible destinations. Some may jet to the Caribbean, others might hit the slopes, and still more just want to kick back at home.

That last one was the plan for Kristina Guitzkow and her kids, but her “stay-cay” isn’t happening like she planned.

“We couldn’t even come back home and do the laundry and all the other things we thought we were going to do on the first day of Spring Break… just stay home and chill and read our books,” Guitzkow said. “Then, no, that`s not going to happen.”

It wasn’t a Helen Hunt-Bill Paxton style Twister nightmare in The Colony Tuesday, but even an EF0 tornado rips into reality for the families in its path and it happens in a hurry.

“Very consistent,” National Weather Service Warning & Coordination Meteorologist Mark Fox said about the damage. “Most of the eyewitness reports said 10-15 seconds, tops.”

“We just had to kind of sit here and watch rain pouring into our house,” Guitzkow said.

Now it’s a waiting game until the house is cleared by authorities and they’re allowed back inside.

“You keep thinking about all the other things that are in your house and what could’ve gone wrong,” she said.

House after house in The Colony may be shuttered, but nobody got hurt or died, so it’s easier to stay upbeat.

“Our treasure is in Heaven with the Lord,” Guitzkow said. “The rest of the stuff here is extra, but it`s for this world, and that’s what I think.”

So about that break, the Guitzkows got one Tuesday — just not the kind they were thinking.

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