Ebola vs AIDS: The Similarity of the Virus Scare

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DALLAS -- It’s the five-letter word that’s infected folks with fear: Ebola. The deadly virus killed Thomas Eric Duncan -- the first patient ever diagnosed in the U.S.

"I will say that in the 30 years I have been working in public health, the only thing like this is has been AIDS, and we have to work now so that this is not the world's next AIDS," Dr. Thomas Frieden, CDC Director said.

Much like AIDS, Ebola doesn’t have a cure, it's spread through bodily fluids, and the mere mention of it is enough to incite public panic.

During the peak of the AIDS epidemic in the 80s, the number of infected patients and deaths was staggering, and alarm spread as easily as the virus.

Who could forget school boy Ryan White? He contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion and became the unwitting target of people’s prejudices. White was forced to stay home from school.

Kinda sounds like the recent Ebola scare in North Texas.  “We don’t know what he was involved with, or if he was around body fluids –a lot of moms are concerned today," one mother said earlier this week.

Yeah, some parents at Armstrong Elementary kept their kids out of school. It’s the same school where Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins’ daughter attends, and he was around Duncan’s family.

Not to mention, CNN Money reported hazmat suit maker, Lakeland Industires,  saw its stock soar more than 50% because of the Ebola scare.

So, much like AIDS, it appears the only cure to calm Ebola concerns is education.

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