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You freaking out? Admit it,  Ebola virus. People in hazmat suits. Atlanta.

It sounds like an episode for The Walking Dead. Ironically, The Walking Dead is filmed in Atlanta.

Yeah -people have been dealing with this for years, mostly in west Africa, but now that Kent Brantly from Fort Worth has it, we all notice it. Donald Trump`s had that stupid tweet saying Brantly should have stayed in Africa.

But have you noticed…this Ebola thing has manifested itself into conspiracy virus? Look it up.

There are conspiracy theorists hard at work and infecting our minds about Ebola — like it’s some plot to wipe us all out; these conspiracies.

One guy blames Bill Gates and some guys in black suits.

Another story says people think the virus is a ruse to justify capabilities rituals.

Just point and click away if you want more of this stuff.  But aren`t you sick and tired of the conspiracy virus?  It seems like every big story (Princess Diana, JFK, AIDS, the moon landing, 9-11, Roswell) has it.

You know that virus will cloud your mind with unnecessary garbage. Don`t fall for this stuff; anyone who has this virus can infect you.

You catch Conspiracy virus, you`ll start rambling about presidents. And the only conspiracy will be people figuring out how to stay away from you.