Ebola Free? New York City Celebrates Dr. Craig Spencer’s Hospital Release

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“Dr. Spencer is Ebola free and New York City is Ebola free,” New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio announced.

Alright! Finally, it`s safe to say the U.S. is one big Ebola-free family.

Hard to believe, when you remember where Dallas was just a month ago.

On Tuesday, Dr. Craig Spencer, the last Ebola patient (we know about), was released from Bellevue Hospital a cured man.

“I`m a living example of how those protocols work, and how early detection is critical for both surviving Ebola and ensuring that it`s not transmitted to others,” said Spencer.

But wait. The Dallas County Health Department announced Tuesday that they’re now monitoring two health care workers who just got back from Sierra Leone.  They don’t have any symptoms, but they’re being asked to stay away from large crowds.

Remember the nurse who put up a fight when she was asked to quarantine herself for 21 days?

She was officially cleared at midnight.

But Kaci Hickox’s standoff definitely landed her in the limelight.

And It looks like she’s been turned into … (wait for it) … an action figure doll?

Yeah, apparently Herobuilders.com is selling what they call the Case-E doll for a whopping $29.99.   This thing even comes complete with a 100% Ebola- free health certificate.

The company is denying the action figure bears any resemblance to the real Kaci.

But c`mon, the nurse jacket and curly hair aren`t fooling us.

There’s also an Ebola plush toy.

So, if you’re shopping for Christmas presents, get`em while they`re hot.

This newest Ebola products craze is what`s spreading now!

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