Ebola Back in Texas? Fort Hood Soldier Dies in Front Yard

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KILLEEN, TX- It was a scene we’ve seen way too many times in Dallas: The quarantine tape, the bio-hazard barrels, and those hazmat suits.

Now, the same images are coming out of Killeen, where cops are investigating the death of a Fort Hood soldier. The unidentified soldier’s body was found in his front yard.

“We were called at 8:06 this morning in reference to a deceased person outside his residence,” said Carroll Smith with the Killeen Police Department.

According to Fort Hood officials, the soldier recently returned from Ebola-stricken West Africa on emergency leave to deal with a family matter.

So, instead of the 21-day quarantine that soldiers who have been working in the hot zone are supposed to complete, this soldier was allowed to self-monitor twice a day and report any fever.

The question now, How did this soldier die?

Although Fort Hood officials say there is no indication the soldier died of Ebola, medical tests are underway and preliminary tests are, in fact, negative for the virus.

“Because of that we are working closely with Fort Hood and because we don’t know the cause of death, his body has been taken to the Southwestern Institute of Forensics Sciences in Dallas,” said Smith.

No matter the cause of death, this is a tragic outcome for a hero coming home from a viral battleground.

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