Eat, Don’t Eat: Snake Stunt Gone Wrong Leaves Crowd Hungry

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Guess this anaconda didn’t get …dinner?

The Discovery Channel’s brainchild, Eaten Alive, featured daredevil Paul Rosolie trying to get eaten alive by a Wild Green Anaconda.

He was in special protective suit with a camera, covered in pig’s blood.

This bizarre bit didn’t go exactly as planned.  Instead of the snake opening wide, she coiled around Rosolie and started to squeeze.

He got stuck in there for a while, until…uh-oh!

In the video clip, you can hear Rosolie by microphone calling for help.

The reptile almost broke his arm. The crew jumped in help, but some folks around the Twitterverse was not as supportive.  Even PETA was peeved saying the snake went through “undeniable stress” because she was “forced to constrict and then not allowed to eat.”

Some are wondering, what’s up with shows like Eaten Alive?  And what about Paul, who wanted to act as an ‘Anaconda appetizer?’

Looks like the Discovery Channel might’ve been ‘eaten alive’ for this snake stunt.

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