Easily Contagious Disease Spiking Among Children This Summer

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KENT COUNTY, MI – Sending a kid to daycare can be a scary experience for parents. Not only are you entrusting the care of your child to someone else but then there`s always the risk of infectious diseases. Yeah, icky stuff like chicken pox, pinkeye and ringworm just to name a few.

Now there`s another to add to the list, it`s called hand, foot and mouth disease. It`s characterized by small blisters and is easily spread from coughing and sneezing and skin-to-skin contact.

Sometimes spread of the disease spikes during the summer due to summer day camps, water parks and other typical activities associated with the summer months.

To avoid contracting the disease the centers for disease control recommends washing hands often with soap and water, disinfecting dirty surfaces and avoiding close contact and sharing utensils and cups with those who are infected.

So to parents of small children, watch out this summer! What starts out as playtime can easily wind up being a bad time at the doctor’s office.

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