E-Pola: Male Strippers On Ebola Flight Self-Quarantine

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NORTH TEXAS- It seemed like a routine flight home after attending an author’s conference in Cleveland for friends Axl Goode and Taylor Cole.

The two friends have now put themselves under quarantine after hearing the news they shared a Frontier flight with the second infected Dallas nurse, Amber Vinson.

Goode and Cole, both male strippers and authors of romantic novels, have voluntarily stripped themselves of contact with those they love.

Goode lives in Dallas, while Cole is holding things down in Kaufman. Hey, seems like they’re more responsible than some healthcare workers.

In a Facebook post by Goode, he shared his thoughts the moments after he got word he sat only feet from the nurse.

“I spent the next two hours in a panicked state, trying to piece together as much information as I could.” He then called the CDC to report himself.

So the boys have now hunkered down.  They plan to take their temps and wait things out for the next 21 days.

They’ve even started a GoFundMe page to help pay their bills while they’re out of commission. They’ve raised just over 3,000 bucks so far.

Both friends report to be in good spirits and health on Facebook.

But with concerns that Amber Vinson might have been contagious while on the flight, it’s time to take a page out of this novel and stay home.

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