Dwyane Wade makes good on his promise to Florida shooting survivors

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MIAMI, FL-- While Dwyane Wade may be temporarily out of the game right now after an injury, he's still "going hard in the paint" for the students affected by the mass shooting in Florida.

The pro-baller made a promise to the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that he would play a role in helping them create change in the form of gun control.

He's keeping his word. Wade stopped by the school in a special surprise last week.

After the visit, he tweeted, in part: "I'm looking forward to being more involved in the change that they WILL create."

So, he kept his promise by holding a free art gallery in Miami.

"Dwyane wanted a way to show support and a tribute to the victims of Parkland, so we decided to have a commemorative exhibition, and then also give the facts," Brand Wade Creative Director Calyann Barnett said.

The gallery, called "Parkland 17", honors each of the victims of the shooting. The message is pretty clear.

"We want everyone to know what guns and gun violence have done to America and so the numbers, the facts are up there," Barnett said.

It seems the event wasn't just for show, but rather about making a real impact.

"They didn't die in vain. So there's a call to action, a ring your rep booth where you can actually pick up the phone. It goes right to Washington, D.C., and you can voice your opinion on gun control or a number of other issues," she said.

The gallery was up for 17 total hours between two days; another way to honor the victims.

It seems Wade has joined a new team outside of the NBA.


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