Dumpster diving’s not new, but now they’re going for makeup!

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ARLINGTON — We promise this one’s not made up! Or is it? It does involve makeup after all.

Look, everyone knows about dumpster diving, but did you know people are dumpster diving at cosmetic stores?


Check YouTube. There are pages and pages of videos of people in the dumpster or cleaning up their haul. One Ulta beauty store in Jacksonville, FL, even got called out for pouring bleach on the products to ‘mascare’ away would-be divers. Okay, okay. Bad joke.

But the trend has spread to Arlington!

APD posted that two teens got caught red-handed behind Ulta before they could get red-lipped!

Meanwhile, an Ulta Beauty spokesperson said:

“Health and safety is a top priority for Ulta Beauty and we strongly discourage the unsafe, and sometimes illegal practice of ‘dumpster diving’.

We are aware that individuals sometimes assume the risks associated with this practice and retrieve discarded products.  Ulta Beauty, like other retailers, disposes of products for a reason.  All products that are damaged, used, expired or otherwise unsaleable or unsuitable for donation are disposed of in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.  These products should never be retrieved or used.”

All of this got us thinking, what would you have to see in a dumpster in order to take the dive?

Some hanging around Klyde Warren Park said no way, but others answered without even blushing.

“Nintendo Switch,” a Dallas teen said without hesitation. “Jump in, get it. That’s for free!”

“I would have to see money coming out of the bag!” a woman said.

There were even a couple who had been there, done that.

“I have found a diamond necklace in the dumpster. We found a guitar,” one woman said about her experiences checking SMU dumpsters after school lets out for the summer.

“I got a clown picture when I was about seven years old from a dumpster thanks to my dad. Shout out to my dad,” another woman laughed.

Word of advice on this one. It’s no beauty bar in there. Ulta ruins most of the products on purpose before they ever hit the dumpster, it could get you a criminal trespass warning, and you just never know what you’ll see.

Happy hunting!

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