Drunk Dude: Airline Pays Passengers $100 for Delay

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PORTLAND, OR — Nothing turns your flight experience upside down quite like someone who’s had one too many. But what if their inability to hold their liquor resulted in you having a few more bucks to hold onto?

That was the case on a recent Alaska Airlines flight when a passenger had to be asked to calm down after throwing back a few.

The pilot decided to make an emergency landing, which resulted in police escorting the drunk guy off the plane. As an apology for the flight arriving almost two hours late, the other passengers received a $100 credit towards a future flight with the airline.


But unruly behavior on flights doesn’t only involve spirits — music was the culprit just last week. Some passengers were in the fighting spirit aboard Spirit Airlines after a disagreement over loud tunes turned physical. Surprisingly, no charges were filed.

Some incidents take place before the flight can even get off the ground, like in the case of a man who stripped naked at Charlotte Douglas International after learning that his flight was overbooked.

We’re sure officials were careful not to touch his “carry-on luggage” while escorting him away.

So bad flight manners don’t appear to be getting grounded anytime soon. Here’s a toast to cashing in on their bad behavior.

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