Canadian bar uses coasters to drive home message about drunk driving

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TORONTO, CANADA — Can you believe people are still drinking and driving? Come on, it’s 2017!

Well, believe it or not it still happens.

However, one bar in Canada is doing their part to make sure their customers hit the brakes on drunk driving.

Like many bars, The Emmet Ray serves their drinks on coasters, but these aren’t just any coasters!

These were made from the metal of cars that were in drunk-driving related accidents, scratches and all.

Each one has the same message written on them: This coaster used to be a car. That car never made it home.

“It’s something that people can actually feel and experience, and then while they’re having their beer, or whatever drink that’s on there, it gets them thinking and hopefully has them having a discussion as well,” said Michael Stewart, a program director with Arrive Alive.

The coasters were designed by Arrive Alive, an organization dedicated to getting people home safe if they’ve been drinking, and they hope to drive their message home.

With their help, maybe we can finally leave drunk driving in the rear view mirror!

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