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FRISCO, Texas — With his parents out of town, Jack Brown and his brothers Montana and Rory thought they were trying LSD for the first time.

“About an hour into it, Montana started going into convulsions,” says Jack.

Montana was rushed to the hospital. He didn’t make it.

“I didn’t really understand it until later when the nurse told me,” says Jack. “I had an idea what had happened, but I didn’t realize he was actually dead.”

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This week, three people were sentenced in the death of 15-year-old Montana Brown. The dealer had told the teens it was LSD, not the more dangerous synthetic form.

He was sentenced to five years behind bars. His accomplices, who set up the sale, got six months.

“We were all involved,” says Jack. “I was just as much to blame as anyone else in my opinion.”

All three defendants pleaded guilty and reportedly apologized for their actions before they were sentenced.

“They seem like they’ve made a change and from what they said they seem generally sorry for Montana,” says Jack.

Montana’s dad, Eric Brown, has made it his mission to warn kids and their parents about the dangers of synthetic drugs.

NewsFix was there last spring when he went to Heritage High in Frisco to ask Montana’s friends to put themselves in his shoes.

“You don’t know what your friend is giving you,” said Brown in his talk. “Your friend doesn’t know what he is giving you.

In five years, the dealer will be back on the streets. This family’s fight to keep Montana’s memory alive, and to save the lives of his friends, will take a lot longer.

“It’s not worth your friends life,” says Jack. “It’s not worth your brother’s life.”