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FRISCO — The New England Patriots were the big winners down in Houston Sunday night, but another crew is also grabbing a lot of headlines: drones.

Yeah, drones were everywhere at the Big Game, backing up Lady Gaga for her halftime show, showing up in an ad for a new Fox show about a futuristic police force and in Amazon’s new promotion for their upcoming Amazon Air service.

So what do the experts think about Drone’s big night?

“I think, increasingly, you’re going to be seeing drones on TV shows, you’re going to be seeing them in the news, you’re going to be seeing them every day. Drones are going to be ubiquitous,” said Don Garland, owner of Drones Plus Dallas. “They’re going to be everywhere. You’re going to see a day in the near future where you’re going to see drones and you’re going to hear them outside and you’re not even going to pay attention to them.”

Besides the uses we saw in the ads last night, what’s the next step in drone tech that’s right around the corner?

“I think the next wave of drone technology is going to the expansion of autonomous drones. And that drones that are self-aware,” Garland said. “They think as swarm. They think as a team. They’re given a mission, an they go out and they execute that mission together.”

So while the Patriots were the ones making history on Sunday, it was the halftime show and the ads that were making the future!