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CLEBURNE, TX —  Up into the air, with a single pilot down below holding a remote control, drones are quickly becoming one of the biggest assets that Emergency Services have.

“Here in Johnson County, we started using drones, we call them UAS’s, about two years ago,” said Jamie Moore the Johnson County Emergency Services Manager. “And since that time it’s absolutely exploded.”

Yeah, the uses are endless, from finding missing persons, chasing fugitives and helping scout dangerous situations like fires.

“We can put this UAS up and our incident commander, the fire chief or whoever’s in charge can see exactly where that fire’s at and of course be able to direct his resources more appropriately,” Moore said.

Just hours after this interview, in fact, the drone was in the sky for a massive structure fire in Grandview.

Johnson County has also been at the forefront of forming the North Texas UAS Response Team, which unites agencies across the area for rapid drone response.“The amount of time it takes for us to arrive on scene and get this UAS in the air,” said Moore. “From the time that we actually get on scene, we can be up in a minute.”

So you better get used to the whirring sound of a drone overhead, because they’re only going to get more common for law enforcement and emergency services, and the technology will only get more advanced

“At some point, we’ll be pushing a button from the office and the drone will fly out to the fire,” explained Moore. “And the fire trucks before they ever show up on scene as they’re driving down the road will be watching that fire from a drone stream, and it will all be automated.”

Now if we can just teach them to put out the fires and cuff the bad guys, well the drones can just run the whole show!