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ADDISON, TX — Welcome to the future of air racing! Yeah, Drone Wars, hosted by the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, zoomed in on Saturday. The drones and their pilots took on the obstacle course in the massive hangar.

But this year the newest extreme sport had a dizzying new twist: First person flying!

“My first experience [with] FPV (first-person view), I was completely overwhelmed.” said Brian Banks, one of the drone racers, “I can’t even describe the feeling, it’s almost as if you’re literally inside the quad while you’re flying it.”

“If you’ve ever wanted to be fighter pilot or anything like that, this is the closest you’re going to come to it for the price, for sure.” said KC, another drone pilot.

Yeah, seeing directly through the eyes of your own drone puts any video game to shame. And make no mistake: drone racing is a full contact sport!

But at least with these crashes, the pilot walks away unscathed!

The coolest thing, is that most of the racers have only be into drone piloting for less than two years, so there’s still plenty of time for anyone, no matter what age, to become a pilot!

”It’s so addicting, you’ll want to do more, more, and more and just get better and better, and seeing progression it only pushes it more!” added KC.

Hey, it takes precision, speed, agility and more than just a little technical know-how to race one of these babies. Hey, who knows? Give it another few years and you just might be watching drone races as America’s new favorite sport!

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