Pilot Spots Drone in Restricted Airspace Near Love Field

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DALLAS - We hate to drone on, but this story seems to have taken flight. Tuesday night, folks flying into Dallas Love Field saw something out of the ordinary. The FAA says Virgin Flight A319 coming in from New York spotted an unmanned aircraft about 200 feet above the plane.

“The area where the drone was, was a restricted area, which is a federal offense if you violate that,” Jose Torres with the Department of Aviation said.

Hey, no one got hurt, but DPD was on the case.

“The Dallas Police Department immediately deployed the Air One helicopter and ground units to go to the area, but they were not able to locate the drone,” Torres said

FAA rules say unmanned aircraft can't be within a five-mile radius of any airport. Some drone owners say incidents like this give their hobby a bad name.

“You always give way to a manned aircraft. And there is good reason for that, your drone is expendable and people are not,” said Chad Frazer.

Well, embarrassed or not, officials say the consequences are far worse than a red face. Torres has this warning, “And if you do it again and they catch you, you will be sorry."

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