Drone for the Holidays: Sales Expected to Soar This Season

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DALLAS -- Get prepared for the friendly skies to get a lot more crowded. That's because, according to Fortune Magazine, up to a million drones could be sold during this holiday season.

Just the thought of that many people, especially kids, launching their new toy into the air has people worried.

"It's probably always going to be a good idea to have an adult present," Chad Frazer, gatekeeper for the North Texas Drone User Group. "Where he's flying the parents should be aware of and between those two factors I think it'd be okay if kids fly."

The FAA has already taken a proactive step with one of the top retailers in the world. The administration plans to send reps to Walmart to educate the sales staff about drones, hoping to prevent mid-air collisions.

But those FAA reps won't be there to educate all the people who buy their drones online like on Walmart's website where you can snag one of these gadgets for under $20.

And it's not just the average Joe trying to get in on the fun in the sky. The NFL just received FAA approval to use drones for filming purposes but only when the stadiums are empty.

So, don't expect to see them at games anytime soon, unless the Patriots want to add Dronegate to their list of scandals. Drones have even played a role in some Dallas Cowboys practices.

How worried should we be about all these drones randomly flying around?

"There are now government agencies stepping in to improve the safety, so I think this year above all previous years is going to be better as far as safety terms," Frazer said.

Hey, don't be surprised if Santa decides to retire Rudolph and start sending drones down the chimney instead.

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