Bye Bye Blues: Drink Wine With Your Cat & New App for Airport Passengers!

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What's worse than being stranded at the airport? You guessed it, being stranded by yourself!

Well, what if we told you there's an app for that? It’s called Btrfly and it lets you connect with your fellow passengers while you wait.

So here's how it works. Users sign in, plug in their flight info, then get connected to other passengers who've signed in.

It actually sounds like you could join the mile-high club before you actually take off!

The app is good in 380 airports and might come in especially handy at airports like Atlanta where you can rent a minute suite with a bed and television!

Now whether you use it just to make friends or maybe a little more, that's up to you but it might help lonely hearts.

And speaking of lonely, you'll never drink wine alone again. Now you can drink some vino with your cat.

That’s right!

Apollo Creek, a Denver-based company, has come out with wine for cats.

Now before you catch a hairball, just know it's alcohol-free and claims to actually be beneficial for the little fur balls since it contains beets!

The price for each bottle of perfectly aged vintages ranges from five to twelve dollars and can be found in flavors like Pinot Meow and Moscato.

So whether you have a glass of cab with your kitty or pass the time with another passenger, at least you won't end up like this guy.


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