Dallas police release list of most commonly stolen cars

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DALLAS - It's one of the worst feelings out there: stepping outside to find out your car has been stolen.

Tuesday, DPD released the list of the most stolen cars in Texas. The question is, is your car one of them?

Pickups hold the top three spots, with Ford at #1, Chevy #2 and Dodge at #3. The Chevy Tahoe lands at #4 and Honda takes the 5 and 6 spots with the Civic and the Accord (Full List Below).

Overall, DPD says there were 7,400 cars stolen in 2016, an average of 616 a month. Since there are about 1.3 million registered vehicles, that means your chances of your car getting jacked are about 1 in 175.

That’s a lot less than your chance of getting into an accident in a year, which is about 1 in 26, but DPD still issued the friendly reminders for how to keep your car safe.

Keep valuables like cell phones and GPSs out of sight, lock your doors, make sure your windows are rolled up all the way and try to park in well-lit lots.

Do all that and you can help make sure that when your car is on the road, you’re the one driving it.

Most Stolen Cars in Texas

1.  Ford Pick Up

2.  Chevrolet Pick Up

3.  Dodge Pick Up

4.  Chevrolet Tahoe

5.  Honda Civic

6.  Honda Accord

7.  GMC Pick Up

8.  Toyota Camry

9.  Ford Taurus

10. Chevrolet Impala

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