New Lead in 666 Sprayings

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DALLAS – Do you remember the demonic 666 sprayings seen around Dallas in the past few weeks? Well, there’s a guy who says he knows who did it.

Richard Sheridan showed up at the Northwest Dallas Police station Thursday to tell cops what he knows.

“I’m going to provide some information to the police department, I know who did it,” Sheridan said. “I’m going to provide to the police department a document written by this person that gives the reasons why this was done.”

It sounds like Sheridan is also going to answer questions detectives have for him.

“I understand I’m on a list of suspects who did the 6-6-6 graffiti,” Sheridan said.

Dallas detectives say Sheridan is a person of interest, not a suspect.

Sheridan claims he also knows why the landmark Legacy of Love statue, the Cathedral of Hope, and 11 other spots around town were defaced — and it wasn’t an act of hate.

Then what was it?

“My understanding is that it was not an act of hate, but an act of love and a warning,” Sheridan said.

Interesting? We didn’t know love came in a spray can.

Here’s a warning for the person responsible for these devilish deeds – the cops may have your number.

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