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DALLAS — You might recall the popular Family Guy episode when the main character Peter seceded from the United States. Well, it was no joke Monday when Doug Leguin here tried to start his own country in someone else’s house!

911 Call:

Leguin:  “[I’m] Doug-E-Doug from Doug-E-Stan.”

Dispatch:  “Doug-E-Stan? What is that?”

Leguin:  “That’s a little republic I just made.”

Around that time, his wife called Corinth Police when she realized her husband was missing.

“He had actually left with an AK-47 assault rifle, several rounds of  ammunition and some propane tanks from the garage,” Assistant Chief Greg Wilkerson said.

Police found the man in a multi-million dollar home in a gated community in North Dallas.

He had called firefighters to a grass fire and then started shooting at them. No firefighters were hurt, but there was a babysitter and an 8-year-old girl trapped inside.

Corinth PD helped lead Dallas cops straight to this guy. “We only had a very small window of opportunity to act,” Wilkerson said.

That’s when the SWAT team took over.

911 Call:

Leguin:  “I got an officer coming at me, tell him to back off.”

Dispatch:  “Don’t do anything.”

Leguin: “What do you mean, don’t do anything?”

Is seceding from the United States even legal?

According to Appellate Lawyer Chad Ruback, “U.S. Law does not allow a citizen to secede.”

After he was arrested, the SWAT team detonated some suspicious devices Leguin left behind.  His neighbors are shocked.

“[He is] you know, the person that we know, that we spend time with, that we see outside, that waves at everybody, that’s really friendly, someone who we spend time with our kids,”  Tosha Bryce said.  “You know, what in the world could have set him off?”

Now, Leguin is in jail.  Hope he gets the help that he needs.