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Nonprofit leaders announced that they’ve raised enough money to begin a massive spay and neuter effort on Thursday.

The W. W. Caruth Foundation, The Rees-Jones Foundation and the Dallas Foundation have donated $13.5 million out of $24 million needed to start a spay and neuter campaign for the southern area of Dallas.

The goal is to perform 46,000 operations on dogs every year for the next three years. Veterinarians from the Spay Neuter Network, Operation Kindness and the SPCA of Texas will perform the surgeries for designated ZIP codes.

The loose dog problem has been complained about by residents for years with some having to carry blunt objects and weapons just to walk around their neighborhoods safely. The problem became highly severe when Army veteran, Antoinette Brown, 52, was mauled and killed by a pack of dogs in south Dallas.

It’s been reported that an estimated 80% of dogs in south Dallas aren’t fixed versus just 15% in north Dallas.

The spay and neuter campaign will solve this problem in the long run preventing the stray dog population from growing.