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PLANO, Tx – Move over Lassie; there’s another dog getting high praise for being a hero!

Plano Fire Department spokesman Ron Cooper says a married couple was awakened by their dog’s barks when an early morning fire started. “When he found the fire, he went and got his wife and they exited the structure.”

The Plano couple was staying inside a barn on their property while they were renovating their home just a few feet away. But that plan burned to a crisp overnight.

No word yet on the cause of the fire, but the Plano fire chief says if it wasn’t for their dog’s smoke alarm, the owners might not have made it out alive.

The husband was transported to Parkland by CareFlite with burns covering 45% of his body; his wife is also at Parkland with less severe injuries.

Firefighters say their barn is a total loss.

The big question is whether the real-life hero in this story was able to save himself, too!


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