#DogMom is getting more and more popular among 20-somethings

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DALLAS -- Spunky songs are popping up for just about everything now, like the Activewear song.

And with the internet basically at everyone's fingertips, they can go viral pretty easily.

Case in point, this new video, which hit the web last week and has more than 31 million views already!

But this video is more than just a silly sounding song about dog moms.

Oh no, it's actually a real-life trend we're seeing more and more of!

Women are becoming "dog moms" before or instead of becoming a human mom.

"Having a dog was the best decision I ever made," says dog mom MC Barr about her fur-baby Hank. "He is there for me every day and he`s just if I have a bad day or a good day, he`s just the best thing. [...] I think a lot of people are having a harder time getting jobs these days and I know for me I don`t really want to have a kid when I can barely support myself."

"It get`s you ready for humans because when they`re little they`re a handful," says dog mom Sus Enos. "In this day in age women can really do whatever they want. So it`s really not necessary to have kids unless you really want them."

Enos is also among the growing number of twenty something`s choosing four legs over two.

In fact, the CDC reports the average age of first-time mothers, has risen from about 22.5 to 26 in the past thirty years or so.

So why the bark, and not the cry?

"Dog`s don`t talk back to you, they`re less maintenance," says Barr. "You can leave them for a couple of hours whereas a kid you`re probably going to need a babysitter."

"With a dog, you`re obviously not going to spend as much on them and you don`t have to worry about a college fund," says Enos. "They`re a heck of a lot cheaper!"

Looks like right now it's dogs-1, babies-0.


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