Doggonit: Ebola Patient’s Dog Goes Into Quarantine

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DALLAS —  While Nina Pham is in isolation at Presbyterian, her best friend Bentley is in quarantine too.

For 21 days he’ll be monitored for any sign that he too might have Ebola.

“I would assume the symptoms of dogs would be similar to humans. They would be running a fever, getting lethargic, losing their appetite,” said Dr. Dickson Bain of Hillside Animal Clinic.

Chances are good that her furry friend doesn’t have Ebola, but Dr. Bain at Hillside Animal Clinic says there are other serious viruses that share the same symptoms.

“They get their own set of viruses like distemper, or Parvo, and the worst one for humans would be rabies,” Dr. Bain said

Nobody knows if dogs can infect humans with Ebola, but the city of Dallas decided to treat Bentley just like any human patient who has been exposed. In Spain, officials euthanized a dog when his owner — also a nurse — was infected.

“Maybe the people in Spain had their reasons. Maybe they knew something we don’t. If our dog became some sort of carrier of the Ebola virus, I mean thats something you got to take care of, It would be heartbreaking but its not worth the risk,” said dog owner Diane Barriere.

Mark Lopez who also owns a dog says, “I think it is important that they do quarantine the animal to make sure that’s not something that has happened.”

PETA has chimed in on how Dallas is handling Bentley.

“PETA is relieved to hear that the bond between these two has been recognized and that this beloved canine companion will be kept safe while his guardian recovers.”

So while the world watches  and waits Bentley is getting his 15 minutes of fame, we can only hope that in 21 days he’ll be reunited with his owner. Now that would be a treat.

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