Dog eats cocaine, kills owner while filming a documentary about drugs

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A dog suspected of eating crack cocaine mauled and killed his owner while filming a documentary about drugs.

A BBC film crew was shooting a documentary called “Drugs Map Britain” with the dog’s owner, 41-year old Mario Perivoitos, when the Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Major attacked.

Perivoitos had consumed cocaine while with the crew, which caused him to have an epileptic seizure. Major then attacked Perivoitos’ face and neck  while he was lying in bed.

The attacked caused extensive hemorrhaging.  His larynx was also crushed.

“The dog was eight times the drug drive limit,” said Nicholas Carmichael, a veterinary toxicology expert, who found cocaine and morphine in the dog’s urine.

It was clear that Major had consumed crack cocaine, whether eating or inhaling smoke, and was provoked by Perivoitos’ seizure, according to a coroner.

Perivoitos later died at a local hospital due to his injuries.

Major was due to be put down, but it’s unclear if it that has happened yet.

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