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DALLAS -- Okay, so we've heard of the book Everyone Poops, right? You could call it one of the most important books ever written for children. Because let’s face it, when you're a kid going to the bathroom is a pretty strange topic.

But why stop at just going to the restroom?

What about that other thing that exists from our backsides, is a little stinky, and can sometimes clear a room? Yeah, we're talking farts; not just the action of passing gas but specifically who farts?

We all know of an uncle who farts and your dog will let out a silent one, even while sitting on your lap! But what about a Giraffe or a Snake, do they let one loose once in a while?

Well, inquiring minds wanted to know and soon #Doesitfart became a trending topic on Twitter! Biologist just couldn't hold this one in; literally, and released a Google Doc answering whether different animals pass gas.

Among those that can cut the cheese? Rats, Bats, Zebras and Bearded Dragons. Birds, surprisingly, toot out the front, and invertebrates are not colon blowers. Apparently, you need a backbone to fart!

So looks like all the stink wasn't for nothing. We learned everyone poops but not everyone farts so basically, the next time you cut one, remember it's special!

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