Does Kaepernick’s collusion case have any chance?

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DALLAS — Are you ready for more football legal battles? Colin Kaepernick has officially filed a grievance alleging collusion by the NFL, saying that the owners conspired to blacklist him after his anthem protest.

But how hard will it be for the unemployed QB to prove collusion?

“It’s very difficult to prove collusion in any circumstance… in this situation it would be even tougher than a plain, vanilla run of the mill situation in which you’re trying to prove collusion,” said Chad Ruback, a Dallas area appellate lawyer. “This is going to be next to impossible to surmount that hurdle of proving collusion.”

So Kap’s odds are long, but if he somehow pulled it off, could it help the Cowboys? Reports have said that a proven case of collusion could invalidate the entire Collective Bargaining Agreement, which could mean players like Ezekiel Elliott and Randy Gregory getting back on the field!

But not so fast, turns out Kap’s case doesn’t meet any of the criteria that could potentially scrap the CBA.

“It seems that folks who are saying that simple finding of collusion would be sufficient to throw out the entire CBA, haven’t read the CBA,” Ruback said.

So no dice on Zeke winning that way, but his future is still in the hands of the courts and with both the NFL and players association filing motions there could be a final decision made this week.

“I’m seeing more legal in the sports section now than I ever saw of play calling,” said Ruback. “It’s a totally different ballgame, it’s a lawyer’s game now.”

Yeah, soon winning the Super Bowl may rely more on a good lawyer than a good coach!

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