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PLANO – Time to put down the books for a little while and go play!  Hey, don’t blame us those are doctor’s orders!

The American Academy of Pediatrics just dropped a clinical report about how important play time with parents and other kids can be to a child’s development.

And with everything from bearded dragons to building blocks, Play Street museum in Plano might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

“They’re being told what to do and how to do it all day long,” said Courtney Muccio, who founded  Play Street Museum. “From school, to soccer practice, to dance class…everything is very structured. But it really is so important to let them have that unstructured play time to develop some creative problem solving skills.”

Researchers noted that a little play time could help reduce stress in your child’s life.

If you’re trying to help your kid get an A+ in play, the report says the four principles to support creative learning are “projects, passion, peers, and play.”

We gotta admit, having a prescription for play time sounds way better than getting a shot!