DNA Test Helps Determine Which Sports Kids Should Play

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DALLAS - Have you ever wondered what’s in your genes? Now this genetic test might uncover whether your kid should aim to be a Venus Williams or a Laila Ali.

It’s called Simply Safe.

“You can understand the risks of your child in a sport, and then make smart decisions from there,” Kurt Johnsen, co-founder of Simplified Genetics said.

Apparently, some kids are more prone to concussions and brain trauma than others.  And while Johnsen, who happens to practice martial arts, says contact sports aren’t bad, test results can serve as a map to determine which sports could potentially create problems for your child.

“I have a six-year-old. If he was problematic, I would guide him toward soccer, or toward track or toward tennis. These kids are going to excel at whatever they do. As parents, we want to provide the safest path to do that,” Johansen said.

It works like this, swab the inside of your child’s mouth, and send it off to a special lab.

“You get the results, and they last the rest of your life,” he explained.

Parents like Shanell Mergerson want to know those results.

“I have a 9-year-old son named Trey. He comes from a super athletic background,” Mergerson said.

She’s planning on testing Trey soon.

“When my son first started playing sports, we had him in basketball, tennis, but he really wanted to play football. If a test came back that said my son was more apt to have issues from a head-on collision, of course it’s a no-brainer.”

In addition to Simply Safe, there’s also Simply Fit, which tells you how to eat and workout.

Purchasing Simply Safe will set you back about $299, but it could be a hit worth taking.

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